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Crime of Beast II
(2002; Matrix Productions Company/Films Station Production)

A Masterpiece
Highly Recommended
Very Good
Marginal Recommendation
Not Recommended
Definitely Not Recommended

Cantonese: Chung gik keung gaan II: Yuen chi sau sing
Mandarin: Zhong ji qiang jian II: Yuan shi shou xing
English: The Final Rape II: Original Beast

While bearing no connection to the wretched original (reviewed in issue #98), David Lau Tai-wai's CRIME OF BEAST II (sic) offers no improvement, save for the fact that it delivers the Category III content the target audience was cheated out of last time. Young police officer Ricks (Alvin Cheung Dip-man) is up to his ears in gambling debts and loansharks are making his life hell. Fired from the force, dumped by his girlfriend (Grace Lam Nga-sze), and unable to go home, Ricks and a buddy get part time jobs on a small cruise ship in Malaysia. Among the passengers are Amy (also Lam), a dead ringer for Ricks' ex, and beautiful triad moll Ivy (Sophie Ngan Chin-man). A jealous woman destroys the ship with a bomb (the CGI explosion could be successfully duplicated at home on your Mac), with only Ricks, Amy, and Ivy surviving. The first two wash ashore, and believe themselves to be alone, but Ivy has also landed on the other side of the island. In between building a raft, Ricks seems to spend all of his free time looking down Amy's top but she resists his not-so-subtle advances. After a little booze, a dash of moonlight, and some cheesy CGI fireflies for atmosphere, Ricks finally manages to score with the young nurse. Ivy soon turns up, however, and is infuriated by Ricks' lackadaisical attitude in regards to being rescued. This is hardly surprising: after his miserable life in HK, Ricks is a veritable king in this tropical paradise and (for no clear reason) soon has both women serving and servicing him. After two weeks of this "bow, yield, kneel" servility, Amy and Ivy secretly scheme to leave their "master" behind to his fate.

Shot on digital video, this addle-brained variation on THE BLUE LAGOON is laughably terrible in every way imaginable. Its one and only asset is eye candy: a multitude of lovely scenery and (likely of more importance for most viewers) several sequences featuring Grace Lam in the buff (oddly enough, Sophie Ngan, who has a little more experience in this area, remains covered throughout). Like many films in this genre, CRIME OF BEAST II unfolds in a magical world where the rules of nature, human behavior, and plain old common sense somehow never got written. Fish obligingly die the instant they are caught, a drenched cardboard box full of liquor bottles floats to shore without falling apart, Ricks survives a fiery explosion with nothing more than a mild abrasion on his leg (the women are completely unscathed, including their snow white dresses), and, when Ivy pores out all of the booze, the bottles all magically refill themselves later that day. Anyone who would willingly open their wallets for such an obviously abysmal movie as this likely suffers from the same paradoxical nature as Amy, who is either incredibly patient and understanding or unbelievably naive and easily duped. On the other hand, you DO get to see Grace Lam naked ... (click here for a still) All of you lonely guys out there just forgot the entire preceeding paragraph, didn't you?

Cover art courtesy Universe.

Grace Lam. Image courtesy Universe.

Alvin Cheung and Sophie Ngan. Image courtesy Universe.
Universe #6240 (Hong Kong label)

Dolby Digital 5.1

Sync Sound Cantonese and Dubbed Mandarin Language Tracks

Optional Subtitles In English and Chinese (Traditional or Simplified)

8 Chapters Illustrated in the Menu With Clips

Enhanced for 16:9 Displays

Letterboxed (1.79:1)

Coded for ALL Regions

NTSC Format

91 Minutes

Contains nudity, moderate sexual content, mild violence, and coarse language

DVD menu courtesy Universe.

Hong Kong: III

Aside from occasional, mild artifacting and a few blooming whites, the presentation looks attractive and the stereo mix is crisp and active (the soundtrack is a weird amalgam of rap songs, cheesy dance music, and Ry Cooder-esque interludes). Extras consist of a Star File on Grace Lam, a trailer, and trailers for THE PEEPING and PSYCHEDELIC COP (another DV production that should probably be avoided).

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