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August 6th, 2001 Issue #68a

Hong Kong Digital is a recurring series of movie reviews by John Charles -- associate editor / film reviewer for Video Watchdog magazine and the author of The Hong Kong Filmography.


VCD Mini-Review:

The Making Of The Legend Of Zu
(China Star)

To coincide with the August 9th release of Tsui Hark’s long awaited follow-up to ZU: WARRIORS FROM THE MAGIC MOUNTAIN, China Star has issued this featurette, which offers sound bite interviews with the director, stars, and some technicians, as well as a look at the extensive CGI work. The PAL VCD is in Cantonese with no subtitles (though, as Zhang Ziyi only speaks Mandarin, Chinese subs support her comments) and buyers can choose from four different holographic covers. Each disc also comes with four character pins and a chain tucked inside the paper sleeve packaging. For those who cannot wait to see the movie (which, thanks to Miramax, will not be playing in North American Chinatown theatres), it is a worthwhile purchase but the program will almost certainly be included as an extra on China Star’s eventual DVD and that version will, hopefully, offer English subs. Incidentally, the English title on the package is simply THE LEGEND OF ZU.

- John Charles


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