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(1996; Cheung Sing Movie Co.)

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Cantonese: Ngai tan jiu yiu geng: 96 Ying siu ming chak
Mandarin: Yi tan zhao yao jing: 96 Ying zhao ming ce
English: Entertainment Industry Evil Lens: 96 Call List

After a tiny role in the mainstream feature TRAGIC COMMITMENT (1995),
voluptuous Cammy Choi Mei-lan (winner of the Miss Photogenic Award at the Miss Asia 1993 Pageant) decided to try her luck in the Category III arena. However, she appeared only in DEVIL'S WOMAN (reviewed in issue #27) and this feature before retreating to the mainland club circuit, demonstrating that even hordes of drunken, lecherous businessman make for better company than HK movie producers.

She plays nightclub singer Rebecca, whose dynamite figure draws in far more customers than her decidedly limited vocal abilities. Rebecca really yearns to get into movies and impulsively signs a deal with agent Mandy (Lee Suet-man; image, nudity) that lands her in Holland Human Milk Powder commercials (!) and a bit part as a maggot-riddled corpse in "Lust Bun," an UNTOLD STORY knockoff starring Lei Meng (Jimmy Wong Shu-kei). Desperate to get out of her contract, Rebecca agrees, instead, to become Mandy's assistant and learns that her boss is pimping various starlets to affluent clients. Happy with the easy money and light responsibilities the job entails, Rebecca soon experiences the downside of the procurement business: STDs, blackmailing triads, and foreign clients with bizarre demands. A psychotic admirer is also out to end her budding relationship with Meng.

This is typically witless, but reasonably painless, C-III fare that delivers some mildly erotic moments. HK adult movies rarely qualify as couples fare, however, and REBEKAH is no exception: Stuart Ong/Yung Sai-kit and his flunkies rape a Mainland girl who repeatedly tries to tell them that she has VD, a sequence that is actually played for laughs (at least it is handled more tastefully than a similar bit in RAPED BY AN ANGEL). However, this scene is not as bizarre as the big dramatic twist that occurs in the final reel, a development so far out of left field it is a headspinner even by local standards. Amazingly, Elvis Tsui Kam-kong does not put in an appearance but director Tony Ma Tin-yiu (THE SIX DEVIL WOMEN) still enjoyed a stellar cast as these things go, including Chin Kwan (THE ETERNAL EVIL OF ASIA), Johnny Tang Siu-chuen, William Ho Kar-kui, Lee Siu-kei, Spencer Lam Sheung-yee, and Wong Yat-fei.

Cover art courtesy Universe.

Cammy Choi (left) and Lee Lung-kei. Image courtesy Universe.

Yung Sai-kit. Image courtesy Universe.
Universe #6303 (HK label)

Dolby Digital 2.0

Cantonese and Mandarin Language Tracks (both post-synced)

Permanent English and Traditional Chinese Subtitles

8 Chapters Illustrated in the Menu With Clips

Letterboxed (1.75:1)

Coded for ALL Regions

NTSC Format

88 Minutes

Contains frequent nudity and sexual content, mild sexual violence, moderate violence, and movie-within-a-movie gore

DVD menu courtesy Universe.

Hong Kong: III

As with some of Universe's other Category III titles, the company has simply used their old laserdisc master. Thankfully, the transfer is much better than the one for DEVIL'S WOMAN and the DVD also sports a far superior digital compression job. The image is slightly soft and contrasts are variable but colors are deep and the presentation is usually attractive. The audio is a bit thin; the Cantonese track has some right channel dropouts. There are no extras.

is available at Poker Industries.

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