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My Horny Girl Friend
(2002; Matrix Productions Company)

A Masterpiece
Highly Recommended
Very Good
Marginal Recommendation
Not Recommended
Definitely Not Recommended

Cantonese: Big bor yau wat
Mandarin: Big bo you huo
English: Big Breasts Seduction

Tired of being pawed by her uncouth slob of a boss, poor Grace (Grace Lam Nga-sze) goes on hiatus from her OL gig and heads to the seashore for some R & R. While there, she is saved from drowning by passerby Gordon (Oscar Lam Wai-Kin), prompting Grace to enrol in his lifeguard instruction class. The girl cannot swim or even handle the basic physical training but she perseveres. Adding greatly to her discomfort is big-breasted classmate Pamila (Yumi Hirano, the requisite badly dubbed Japanese co-star), who takes an instant dislike to Grace...or does she? A secret date with Gordon turns out to have been a ruse arranged by Pamila and she uses the opportunity to seduce Grace, who responds favorably. Later, Grace spies Pamila and Gordon having sex on the beach and imagines that she has taken the other girl's place (image; nudity). Although the two women shared an intimate interlude only a few days before, Grace is jealous of the attention that Gordon is lavishing on Pamila, so she arranges a "sex trap" with the help of his friend, Eddie (Eddie Lam Kin-Fung). However, something goes wrong and... do you really care? Let's get to what really matters: Grace, Pamila, and Eddie have a three way (image; nudity), Eddie loves Grace but she still wants Gordon, Eddie pleasures Pamila with a conveniently available vibrator, an off-the-cuff comment Eddie made may lead to disaster, and Eddie and Grace get back together once and for all and enjoy some hot, sweaty sex. THE END. Roll credits. Support Our Troops -- Buy War Bonds in the Lobby of This Theater!

This digital video production suffers from all of the usual debits (bad music, inane dialogue, entry level acting, etc) and is hardly a milestone of its genre. That said, MY HORNY GIRL FRIEND will still satisfy some collectors as it is one of the raunchier Category IIIs of late and the most explicit to date for Grace Lam (who, nonetheless, usually keeps her panties or bikini bottom on during sex). Recently engaged, Ms. Lam announced to the HK press that she will not be doing any more nudity in movies after her marriage. That remains to be seen but those who adore the petite and pouty actress will almost certainly consider this unashamedly cheesy venture to be money well wasted. Bessie Chan Ming-kwun (making a career out of playing the nice girl who keeps her clothes on) co-stars as a local bar owner whose goldfish live in a mug filled with beer because it is "purer than water"...a belief which makes complete sense in a storyline about a girl who cannot swim wanting to become a lifeguard.

Now, for some entirely unfathomable reason, the dedicated craftsmen responsible for this ground breaking entertainment milestone seek to remain anonymous. The director is credited as Patrick Leung, causing several databases and e-tailers to drop MY HORNY GIRL FRIEND into the filmography of Patrick Leung Pak-kin, the John Woo protege responsible for such wholly respectable 35mm theatrical films as TASK FORCE and BORN WILD! The Patrick Leung here is actually one Leung San-pak, a name that will be very familiar to students of Chinese folklore and fans of Tsui Hark's THE LOVERS (where this beloved character is played by Nicky Wu Chi-lung). While it is entirely possible that the movie was indeed helmed by someone named Patrick Leung San-pak, the producer credit for Cary Grant (Ka Lei Gak Lan) seems just a wee bit unlikely.

Cover art courtesy Universe.

Grace Lam. Image courtesy Universe.

Grace Lam and Yumi Hirano. Image courtesy Universe.

Bessie Chan. Image courtesy Universe.

Universe #6412 (Hong Kong label)

Dolby Digital 2.0

Sync Sound Cantonese and Dubbed Mandarin Language Tracks

Optional Subtitles in English and Chinese (Traditional or Simplified)

8 Chapters Illustrated in the Menu With Clips

Enhanced for 16:9 Displays

Coded for ALL Regions

NTSC Format

93 Minutes

Contains extensive nudity and sexual content

DVD menu courtesy Universe.

Hong Kong: III

The digital video image looks crisp and colors are generally vibrant. There is brief, mild blurring during some movement, similar to what normally sees in a PAL-to-NTSC video conversion but it does not cause a distraction; a brief bit of tiling pops up at 27:24. The mono sound is fine. As you would expect, supplementary material is limited to a Star File on Grace Lam, a trailer, and trailers for CRIME OF BEAST I & II, and FOX GHOST.

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