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My Wife's Lover
(1992; Gordon's Film Production/Take Show Production)

A Masterpiece
Highly Recommended
Very Good
Marginal Recommendation
Not Recommended
Definitely Not Recommended

Cantonese: Tai tai dik ching yan
Mandarin: Tai tai de qing ren
English: Wife's Lover

Much slicker than the usual Hong Kong Category III fare of its period, this sexploitation yarn uses music video stylistics to enhance a standard genre premise. Weary of her irresponsible, philandering husband, Alan (Vincent Lam Wai), businesswoman Joanne (EROTIC GHOST STORY II & III's Noel Chik King-man) begins to appreciate the attention shown her by Terry (Maria Tung Ling, billed here as Maria Mok), a Eurasian lesbian from her French class. Joanne decides to enlist Terry's professional services as a photographer for a company project but ends up being seduced by the woman. While initially upset, she finds that her subsequent sexual encounter with Alan is much more pleasurable and that helps to overcome her initial reservations and guilt. However, Alan has also taken an interest in Terry and, upon promising her that he only wants a one-night stand, she agrees to sleep with him. Although he has had more than his share of flings in the past, Alan finds that he cannot do without Terry and she begins to feel the same way, leaving Joanne out in the cold.

Steering clear of the juvenile humor and sexual violence often found in HK adult films (save for one typical bit where a partner resists a come-on at first and then succumbs), MY WIFE'S LOVER (produced, directed, and photographed by Kevin Chu Kar-wang) is moderately erotic and better acted than the usual adult product. However, those expecting exotic diversion along the lines of NAKED KILLER, SEX AND ZEN, or EROTIC GHOST STORY may be disappointed to find that the film is not really all that different from Western softcore. It also suffers from a melodramatic ending that punishes one character in an arbitrary manner that few will find satisfying. The Lam Wai credited above is not the like-named star of LONG ARM OF THE LAW and PROJECT A II.

Cover art courtesy Tai Seng.
Tai Seng #75784 (U.S. Label)

Dolby Digital 1.0

Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and Vietnamese Language Tracks (all post-synced)

Optional English Subtitles

14 Chapters Illustrated in the Menu With Grabs

Letterboxed (1.70:1)

Coded for ALL Regions

Macrovision Encoded

NTSC Format

87 Minutes

Contains abundant nudity and sexual content, and mild violence

Back cover art courtesy Tai Seng

British Columbia: RD (Frequent Suggestive Scenes and Nudity)
Hong Kong: III
Ontario: R (Adult Sex Film)

The source material features some light speckling but the 1.70:1 image is moderately colorful and detailed. There are occasional contrast issues, however, with blooming whites (mostly during exteriors), and some sequences are fairly grainy. The upper matte also looks quite tight at times, suggesting that the framing is a bit off. The Cantonese version is preferable but the English dubbing is usually not too aggravating. The only extras are VHS promo spots for "Exotic Erotica" (MY WIFE'S LOVER, LOVE IN SAMPAN, and A CHINESE TORTURE CHAMBER STORY), "The Chingmy Yau Series" (RAPED BY AN ANGEL, LEGENDARY COUPLE, and LOVER OF THE LAST EMPRESS), and EROTIC GHOST STORY.

Incidentally, while this disc played fine in both of my DVD players, it refused to spin up in my DVD-ROM, hence the lack of grabs with this review.

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